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    About Us

    Our mission statement is to supply high grade laboratory and pharmaceutical chemical based products, shipped carefully at affordable prices. 

    We source all of our products from the manufacturers personally and where necessary, visit our suppliers premises to ensure their working practices will deliver high quality products on a consistent basis. 

    Our Benzocaine Powder is of the finest grade (Pharmaceutical Grade - 99.9% Purity) and will produce the results that you expect - whether its application is for the pharmaceutical industry or for Reasearch and Development. 

    We use good quality packaging and reliable shipping services. 

    As well as a leading supplier of Benzocaine Powder from China, we are also stockist of many other chemicals for both commercial and home use. 

    This website is dedicated to the supply of Benzocaine Powder, but with have links to our other websites where we guarantee you will receive the same dedicated service and quality products as you do from this website. 

    We do not drop ship - all advertised products and amounts we hold in stock.

    Should your require a particular product that we do not advertise, please enquire and we will do our best to locate it for you. 

    We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, we would appreciate your feedback and would always take on board any comments or suggestions. 

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    WhatsApp: +8613207152765