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    Phenacetin Powder UK

    Are you searching for a reliable provider of phenacetin powder UK? For a high quality phenacetin powder, it is vital to pick the supplier that offers safe and top quality products. In the UK, Supply Benzocaine is one of the leading suppliers of Phenacetin and other related products.

    We at Supply Benzocaine will beat or meet any competitor’s price on your phenacetin needs on the sport. We are a reliable and dependable source for high quality drugs, including Phenacetin and Benzocaine. We also carry full lines of pain reliever products and other hard to find stuff. With worldwide shipping as well as accepting various kinds of payment modes, including PayPal and bank transfer, our services are intended to suit your specific needs most confidentially and conveniently possible.

    What is Phenacetin?

    This drug was utilized as an analgesic and drug to reduce fever in human and vet medicine for so many years now. This drug was introduced in 1887 and was used broadly in analgesic combinations until it was mixed up in kidney illness because of abuse. This drug was also utilized as a stabilizer in the preparation of hair bleaching solution.

    Proper Dosage

    Mixtures of analgesic that has this drug were marketed previously as capsules or tablets that contain between 150 and 300-milligram Phenacetin. Standard combinations were 30 or 15mg caffeine, 230 mg aspirin, 150mg aspirin or 150mg Phenacetin, 30mg caffeine, 230mg aspirin and 8, 30, 60, as well as 15 mg codeine phosphate. This drug is also available in various doses as tablets and up to 500mg as powder. The usual dose of Phenacetin was 300mg, which is four to six times a day and must not exceed two grams a day.

    Why Choose Us?

    Supply Benzocaine is repute in offering pure and high quality phenacetin and other related products for those experiencing serious as well as acute pain. The demand and supplies for a pain killer are well maintained by our professional team with superb support jobs and, as a result, assisting us in growing our customer base over the decades. We make sure the discreet delivery of your product on the same day. We accept all types of payments, and all the products we offered and delivered are sealed as well as secured to keep the product safe from any form of tampering during the time of delivery. Also, we carry a trail of successful shipments of products, and when there is a problem in the delivery, you can call us to ask for a refund.

    We are committed to offering and serving our clients in the UK. We are a family-owned and operated store that offers personal customer service, which is unmatched and unparalleled. We are a leader in providing high quality products and the best in providing compassionate and comprehensive healthcare that meets all your treatment and medication needs.

    We provide timely delivery, so your phenacetin powder is shipped to your door immediately when you want them. There is no need to wait in long lines at the pharmacy, or leaving your home if you aren’t well- we are here for you.

    As the best provider of Phenacetin in the UK, we know our community and offer customer service that is focused on your needs as well as concerns. Our skilled and talented pharmacists are glad and happy to answer all your concerns, over the phone, in person, as well as via email, and we provide a higher array of services. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website now!

    Various Grams Available

    We offer Phenacetin powder in various grams such as 250g and 500g. If you are buying more, we advise considering our 1kg, 2, kg, 3, kg, 5, kg as well as 25kg phenacetin powder. Every packed is sealed to keep away from impurities. All our products are 99.9 percent pure, unmixed as well as high-quality and premium phenacetin powder.

    Are you planning to buy Phenacetin in the UK? We are your reliable and dependable. We have been in the industry for many years, and we assure you that when you buy Benzocaine powder from us, you are only getting the highest quality, purest, and high-grade products.

    Our delivery process is fast and stress-free. Expect that your order will be at your doorstep between 3 to 6 days. So, you can use the product immediately.

    Call Supply Benzocaine Now!

    It is difficult and complex to find the best Phenacetin in the UK. Now anymore, with us, the whole thing is easier. We promise to make the whole process easier and stress-free for you. You can use our customer hotline number to place an order or visit our website to fill out the form. In just a few days, we will deliver your order right at the comfort of your doorstep.