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    Buy Phenacetin UK

    Phenacetin, also called acetophenetidin, is among the most in-demand drugs in today’s generation. It is used to relieve pain and reduce fever. The product has low ecological risk potential. It belongs to the Prescription Drug List. Phenacetin is considered as an antipyretic which acts on the brain to reduce temperature set point. In addition, the drug is also used for rheumatoid arthritis and intercostal neuralgia treatment.

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    Our Phenacetin Product

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    Phenacetin Overview

    Phenacetin is used for antipyretic analgesics, which is good for treating neuralgia, headache, fever, rheumatoid arthritis, and more. It is also called phenacetinum.

    MW: 179.22

    CAS: 62– 44– 2

    MF: C10H13NO2

    Chemical Name: 4-acetophenetidine, 1 -Acetyl- p -Phenetidin

    Assay: 99.9 %

    EINECS: 200-533-0

    Solubility: The phenacetin is difficult to dissolve in water. It is a little bit soluble in boiling water, slightly soluble in ether and soluble in chloroform and ethanol. The product can be dissolved in concentrated sulfuric acid. In the solution of nitric acid, the color is orange-yellow.

    Drug category: Analgesic and antipyretic drugs raw materials

    Appearance: Phenacetin is a white crystalline powder or white powder. It doesn’t have the smell and has a slightly bitter taste.

    Why Choose Us?

    Supply Benzocaine only wants the best for our customers. With us, you can get superior quality phenacetin powder.    

    ·         Quality Packaging

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    ·         Reliable Supplier

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